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CORTELO provides customized management consulting service to companies who need external help in solving business problem, improve performance to achieve a sustainable growth at any stage in the life cycle – start up, growth or mature.

Also, CORTELO helps companies equip their sales and marketing team by providing curated training/workshop so that they can better respond and adapt to the challenges brought about by emerging disruptive technologies and events and help their company meets its business objectives.

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In CORTELO, we believe that each company is unique, like yours. Any business challenge is better addressed when done not in isolation from customers. With this in mind, we take a customized approach in our consulting and training services, tailored to your needs and situation with a view of the customers you serve. 

Our work does not end after the plan is delivered. We provide post-engagement service to assist you execute the plan and track results. As our client, we want you to succeed because your success is the measure of our success. 

Above all, we observe the values of customer centricity, commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and consistency in performance in every work we do.

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The founder of CORTELO has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in local and multinational companies in the country and Asia. Helped several start-ups and mature SMEs in different industries like technology, social enterprise, trading, aesthetics, healthcare since started doing consulting and training. Works with a network of professionals to provide quality service and output to clients. Discover and learn more about us.

Duration depends on the scope of work agreed between CORTELO and the client. For consulting work, it takes around two months on average, while training/workshop can take half-day to a week when it’s in series. We are flexible and will work around your needs.

Discover and learn more about our consulting and training services.

We understand that solving a business problem yourself can be a daunting task, takes time and focus away from the day-to-day management of your business. 

CORTELO accepts one project at a time so that we can provide a dedicated service from start to finish while you can focus on running your business, with regular catch-up meetings in between.

We start with an initial consultation meeting with you so that we have a better understanding of what we each do. It is also a good time to discuss the situation for which you might need help. Then, we take it from there.  Let’s discuss what you have in mind by booking a free consultation. Alternatively, you can send us your message.

We are happy to work with any start-up or mature SME company in any industry who needs our services – consulting, training or both.

We are flexible to work with anyone in the company endorsed by the project lead. We believe that diversity (in experience, background and opinion) is a great element of a successful work.

A fee is charged for the professional service to be rendered based on the scope, duration and complexity of work. It does not include expenses such as primary research (if needed) or incidentals which will be on the client’s account subject to prior approval.

Basically, there is down payment before the work is started and the remaining balance to be paid in full at the end of work based on the agreed scope.

We serve each client with trust as the foundation. So, to keep the trust, we treat with utmost confidentiality every data and information shared by and gathered from the client in the course of doing the work through a non-disclosure agreement to be initiated by the client.

For your convenience, we have set up several means by which you can contact us - phone, email, social media. Also, you can submit your message to us anytime at your convenience.